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It is time to Begin Fresh!! One of my biggest goals is to help and inspire others in the areas of fitness and healthy living. I will strive to post my workouts and healthy food choices. To my followers, I welcome all of your questions, messages and comments. As a Beachbody coach I take the journey of healthy living seriously. I can help you find the right program for you as well as a whole line of supplements that keep your body healthy from the inside out.
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So there was a deal on Living Social for 50% off of a local yoga studio. I had recently heard about them and thought about joining. This answered my thoughts for me. :-) Why not try them out for half the cost?

Click on this link if you’d like to purchase the same great deal I did.

   Unlimited yoga classes for a month in Fort Myers, FL!. If you live near here, you should definitely check this studio out. They have a boutique in the front and a yoga studio in the back. They are quiet, calm and peaceful. It is clean too!! I’m big on a clean yoga studio.

Looking forward to it for sure. I enjoy practicing yoga, but I’d like to try it out in a new group setting. They have some great classes that I’m looking forward to trying out….especially the restorative yoga class.

What is your body self-image? Do you see what other people see when they look at you? Do you pick at every imperfection and blow it out of proportion? Do you know how to love and embrace your body for what it is?

I’d love to hear your answers on this. I’m curious about how many struggle with this.  What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Monday: Sculpt 30-PIYo and Sculpt 30-Turbo Fire  This was a great workout!!!!! They both sculpted in different ways but felt great!!

Tuesday: Detox yoga-a great yoga routine to clean the lymph and help detox the body

Wednesday: Rest day—cramping :-(

Thursday: Bikram yoga

What would you rather buy? A drink that supports you on your health and fitness journey or a drink/food that you have to “work off” later? The nutritional facts of Shakeology speak for themselves!!

Visit to learn more about this great product!!

It’s that time again…time to post about the workouts completed to finish out last week.

Thursday:  Burn Circuit 2 and Stretch 10 from ChaLean Extreme

Friday: Strong Legs from PiYo and Fire 30 from Turbo Fire

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Detox yoga

Exercise is not a time for makeup, and this picture proves it!!!  I had just gotten home, and I needed to squeeze my workout in right away in order to get everything else done for the night. I forgot that I still had on my makeup. Obviously the mascara isn’t waterproof. I was doing pushups when I saw these black dots appear on the carpet below me. Haha…oops, left the warpaint on. :-P

This week’s workouts have been great so far! I decided to mix a few workouts together. I’m still doing PiYo, but I feel my body needs more right now with the goals I have in mind.

Monday: Drench from PiYo and HIIT 15 from TurboFire

Tuesday: Burn Circuit 1 from ChaLean Extreme and Define Lower Body from PiYo

Wednesday: Hardcore on the Floor from PiYo and Core 20 from TurboFire

You too can workout with these great programs! Looking to get one for yourself? Click on the free account link. On that page it will take you through another link to set up your own free account. You will be able to view all of the great products from Beachbody. Plus, you will also get me as your free coach. ;-)

Do you every mix up your workouts? What is your favorite thing to add to your workout to switch it up and keep it fun?


New do #haircut

Do you like the benefits of Pilates and yoga classes but wish you could burn more calories and fat? I’ve got great news for you! With PiYo, you’ll get lean and defined without jumping up and down and straining your joints! PiYo uses Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves at a cranked-up pace, so you get your stretch, strength, and burn on—all in each workout! Hit me up for more info!

So, I’m starting week 4 of PiYo and loving it!! I’m sculpting muscle in such a great way. These short and fun workouts really build muscle and make you sweat, all while being low impact!!