allyouhavetodoisbehappy asked:

What is the challenge? I started p90x today.

The challenge consists of
—committing to a Beachbody program for the length of it. (i.e. 90 days for P90X)
—registering on team beachbody under my profile for access to a ton of nutrition info, members working through Beachbody programs, and all sorts of tools to aid you on your journey.
—post on my challenge thread daily for accountability, motivation, camaraderie and support along with other members
—(optional) drink shakeology daily to ensure optimum daily nutrition, aid in weight loss and get rid of toxins in your body

I also have a private group on Facebook to help aid in motivation and make friends with others going through similar things in the programs.

I want to help as many people as I can on their fitness journeys. I have personally lost weight as well as 11 inches due to Beachbody programs and Shakeology. If you sign up under team beachbody I can contact you with further invites to great groups. The threads and groups really helped me stay on task with workouts and clean eating!