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It is time to Begin Fresh!! One of my biggest goals is to help and inspire others in the areas of fitness and healthy living. I will strive to post my workouts and healthy food choices. To my followers, I welcome all of your questions, messages and comments. As a Beachbody coach I take the journey of healthy living seriously. I can help you find the right program for you as well as a whole line of supplements that keep your body healthy from the inside out.
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So, Day 90 was yesterday! Crazy busy day between church and work. I made it through Round 1 of P90X!!! I’m super excited! Also, I took pictures this morning. Thankfully I was feeling extra skinny. :-P I saw a difference! I was so surprised. It’s not huge, but I can see it. Day 60-Day 90 wasn’t as much of a “weight dropper” as I expected. I’m not as ripped as I’d like due to not being able to eat as clean as I would’ve liked. I’m staying with my parents until I can get into my apartment at the end of August, so “clean” food wasn’t always available. I’m super happy though with the results. I can’t wait to get the pics put together and post them here for you. Since starting BBL after Day 45 of P90X, I have seen change in the Bum Bum area as well! I didn’t see it at Day 60 (15 days of BBL), but I did yesterday!  I’m so pumped! 

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